Festival Tour


Festivals in Bhutan have its religious origin and carry its messages through generation and generation with undiluted significance. Festivals take place throughout the year but popular festivals happen mostly in Spring and Autumn.

Tshechu – tenth day – in Bhutanese National Language is the most popular festival that takes place on the tenth day of the Bhutanese Lunar calendar. Tenth day derives its significance from the birthday of Guru Rinpochoe (Guru Padmasambhava), however, date may vary from place to place. Your tour guide will explain the significance of each masked dance and its symbolic meaning. It is popularly believed when one witness Tshechu one is bestowed with blessings and sins washed away.

Most popular among all Tshechu are Thimphu and Paro Tshechu where most of the tourist flock in. Tourists usually enjoy the exquisite display of colorful attires worn by the masked dancers. You will be also taken to far flung eastern part to witness the sacred festival but you need to accordingly plan your tour.